Project Spotlight: Christie Pits

 Real Canadian history comes to life on the pages of Christie Pits. Check out the incredible story of when young Jewish and Italian Immigrants squared off against Nazi-inspired thugs on the streets of Toronto. Hot of the presses Dirty Water has just released a limited run, fast paced historical fiction to commemorate Canada's largest race riot. Check out our upcoming events below and be sure to order your copy here!

Advanced Praise

"The decision to present this important story as a historical comic book was ingenious. It reads like fiction, but is all fact."

- From the introduction by Irving Abella. President, Academy of the Arts and the Humanities, Royal Society of Canada.

“There have been other histories of anti-Semitism in Toronto and Canada during the 1930s, but none as creative as Jamie Michaels’s Christie Pits… The story he skilfully tells is well-researched with an array of fascinating characters that leap off the page owing to the realistic and vivid illustrations of Doug Fedrau. A significant and worthy literary achievement that will enlighten readers of all ages.”

-Allan Levine, author of Toronto: Biography of a City and Seeking the Fabled City: The Canadian Jewish Experience.

"Timely and compelling."

-i24 NEWS

“I cried."

-Brandon MacInnis

Shines a light on the Christie Pits race riots…still alarmingly relevant today.”

-CBC Arts

“Brings to life a largely overlooked period of overt anti-Semitism in Canada.”

-Times of Israel

“Brilliantly imaginative.”

-The Jewish Post and News

“An edifying work of historical fiction.”

-Canadian Jewish News

"Creating a living, breathing community, electric in both its tensions and excitement, with much time spent on spirited debate between the characters, and also teasing, arguing, pleading the real human drama that springs forth from struggle and strips down wider political issues...”

-The Comics Beat

As fascist tension erupts worldwide, amplified by the digital age, a new graphic novel documenting one of Toronto's—and maybe the entire country's—most xenophobic altercations seems more timely than ever."


“Whether these characters are entirely fictional is a little unclear. The writers explicitly state, “This book is entirely fictional,” but an asterisk suggests this might be more about avoiding a lawsuit than an appraisal of the book’s veracity.”

-The Uniter

“Does not feel like a juvenile superhero comic book — it feels real.”

-The Manitoban

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