Project Spotlight: Christie Pits

 Real Canadian history comes to life on the pages of Christie Pits. Check out the incredible story of when young Jewish and Italian Immigrants squared off against Nazi-inspired thugs on the streets of Toronto. This spring Dirty Water is releasing a limited run, fast paced historical fiction to commemorate Canada's largest race riot. Check out our upcoming events below and be sure to pre-order your copy here!

Upcoming Events


10:00 AM, Sunday March 3rd @ Asper Jewish Community Campus


2:00PM, March 31st @ Congregation Beth Tzedec

Advanced Praise

"The decision to present this important story as a historical comic book was ingenious. It reads like fiction, but is all fact."

- From the introduction by Irving Abella. President, Academy of the Arts and the Humanities, Royal Society of Canada.

“There have been other histories of anti-Semitism in Toronto and Canada during the 1930s, but none as creative as Jamie Michaels’s Christie Pits… The story he skilfully tells is well-researched with an array of fascinating characters that leap off the page owing to the realistic and vivid illustrations of Doug Fedrau. A significant and worthy literary achievement that will enlighten readers of all ages.”

-Allan Levine, author of Toronto: Biography of a City and Seeking the Fabled City: The Canadian Jewish Experience.

"Timely and compelling."

-i24 NEWS

“I cried."

-Brandon MacInnis

“Brings to life a largely overlooked period of overt anti-Semitism in Canada.”

-Times of Israel

“Brilliantly imaginative.”

-The Jewish Post and News

“An edifying work of historical fiction.”

-Canadian Jewish News

Shines a light on the Christie Pits race riots…still alarmingly relevant today.”

-CBC Arts

“Whether these characters are entirely fictional is a little unclear. The writers explicitly state, “This book is entirely fictional,” but an asterisk suggests this might be more about avoiding a lawsuit than an appraisal of the book’s veracity.”

-The Uniter

“Does not feel like a juvenile superhero comic book — it feels real.”

-The Manitoban


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Dirty Water Comics is a creator owned and operated graphic novel press based out of Winnipeg, the greatest city in the world. We make real stories for real people.